RUMors Tape 1 by sane

RUMours are a bunch of friends from Innsbruck, who love to snowboard and get their tricks on tape. Starting from our headquarters in RUM, we are out there all day every day searching for spots and have some good times. For our first tape we went to Tyrolean ski resorts and tried to find some street in the early season! ‘nough said!


Riders: Michael Schatz/Dominik Brunner/Thomas Hörhager/Simon Pircher/Michael Stanschitz/Peter Walchhofer/Julia Baumgartner / Steve Grumser


Filmers: Balint Hambalko Phil Schorp Tobias Winkel Florian Trattner ALL RIDERS


Thx to: Horsefeathers Clothing,Gloryfy unbreakable, Völkl Snowboards, K2 Snowboarding,X Double Innsbruck and Fanatic Snowboards!




RUMors Tape 1 from Sane ! on Vimeo.




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