Sane! Session

In an effort to give something back to the local scene we host the Sane! Session every year, with tons of prizes as well as free BBQ and free drinks. We’re happy to see our community grow steadily! Special thanks to everyone who showed up every year! Sane loves you!

Sanesession 2015:

Once again we invited Innsbruck's rail riders for Sanesession in 2015. Innsbruck is home to a solid bunch of rippers who literally took the setup apart on the closing day of Rinn Mountain. Sane Session is not your typical rail comp where everyone spins on them rails as fast as they can. Shit hit the fan during Game of Sane, with 20 people trying to stick a given trick. Afterwards we did some best trickery with these rippers descending on the gap-tube.

Video Sanesession 2015 : (

Sanesession 2015 from Sane ! on Vimeo.

Sanesession History:

We think with the Sane Rinn Jibpark we created a sweet place for local rail snowboarding to grow roots. Words can hardly describe what it’s like to shred our favorite park for the last years with all the homies around. Getting emotional, riding lines on shredorphine and feeling like a ten year old again are legitimate consequences of such an eventhistory.

Sanesession 2013: (

sanesession 2013 from Sane ! on Vimeo.

Sanesession 2012: (

SANESESSION 2012 from Sane ! on Vimeo.

Sanesession 2011: (

SANESESSION 13.3.2011 from Sane ! on Vimeo.